Shortfundly, a Chennai based startup strives to create a platform i.e a go-to social media space for people who are willing to do anything related to short films.
As of 2019, there exists no platform like Shortfundly where short film industry people, film festival organizers, and artists who seek crowdfunding for their projects share a common platform. Making such a platform and reaching out to the millions of people in these industries is one their key goals. There exists a huge gap between these communities. Making a bridge to connect them is all what Shortfundly is about.
Making an Android App for the platform can achieve the goal since the world has gone mobile.

Role UX/UI Design Intern
Digital Tools Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop


Research & Empathy

Definition & Ideation



What I'd do differently?

A lot!
Managing the project along with my academics was challenging. I would improve the User Interface, and make a design system for the platform. That'd have been highly useful for the next designer to work on the app. I'd definitely work on and design the Create Campaign screens and make sure the process is seamless and comfortable for users.

What I've learnt?

Again, a lot!
Learned quite a lot regarding practical UX design principles along with Material guidelines. Working with other designers and collaborating with stakeholders was a great learning experience. Working on the latest software tools and sites has helped me broaden my knowledge.


If you're a newbie searching for real-world projects, is one of the best platforms where Startups hire people. It was here where I got this opportunity to work as an intern. Working with startups is really beneficial as your learning curve is exponential (given that it's a good company). Do give it a try.
Hope you have a great learning-and-working experience!